• The Main Reasons To Go GeoThermal

  • Healthy

    To start with, it is healthy. Needless to say how important it is to stay in good health. Combustion exhausts increase the risk of cancer and presents a risk to health otherwise.

    Legal requirement

    It is expensive NOT to have it.

    In New York City you are now required by law. Do it, or pay a huge fine starting from 2021.


    Using New York city data, the average apartment building produces 5.4 metric tons of Co2 emissions per 1,000 square feet (see buildingtheskyline.org for more details). As per the New York City Local Law # 6 of 2016 (please see https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/buildings/local_laws/ll6of2016.pdf) the emissions produced by buildings in New York City starting 2021 are being subject to a very substantial fee. The fee is in place until 2029 when all the combustion equipment is banned in its entirety (Pleases see https://codegreensolutions.com/nyc-carbon-emissions-bill-passed-into-law-local-law-97-what-it-means-for-commercial-building-owners/?gclid=CjwKCAiAmrOBBhA0EiwArn3mfNCLEUgxplX3eJhU65GyvV9IaV5Tbai_gH4jSV5vohG1EsMxpSA9BRoCLKQQAvD_BwE).


    Here the NYC Department of Design and Construction provides for a research in relation to the choice of the geothermal design (please see https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/sustainability/downloads/pdf/publications/RIVERWATER-ASSESSMENT-FINAL-RPT.pdf).



    It is very efficient, and it is up to 500%+ efficient compared to fossil fuels which are 90% efficient. Numbers from US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that homeowners using geothermal systems may realize savings of 30-70% on heating costs and 20-50% on cooling costs, compared to other conventional systems.


    However, even if the efficacy had not existed, you would still be precluded from using the combustion systems after 2029 while the electricity costs of heating of large spaces, would be prohibitive.


    It opens horizons. In the last 100 of years the price for the fuel increased in average for 100 times, and even in not so distant past we have seen very dramatic increases of the market price. It should be very refreshing to be free from any negative change in the fossil price. Speaking broadly, it is entirely to use what your big plans are, wherever you want to live, you will live with an urban comfort. Join the mainstream.

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