• The Essence Of The Technology

    The earth below the Surface is warm. Why? In fact, there are a few reasons for that, but two most essential are:

    • because the core of our planet is as hot as the sun and will stay such for roughly 2 billion years more; in general, temperatures of the Earth core range from about 7,952° Fahrenheit  (4,400° Celsius) to about 10,800° Fahrenheit (6,000° Celsius) and, to a lesser extent,  
    • because the earth adsorbs the heat from the solar energy. 

    The core of Earth is so hot for two main reasons being the heat of the pressurized gases at the formation of the planet and the decay of various radioactive elements.


    There is as well a factor of only partial adsorption of the solar energy by the earth which totals in a nearly constant temperature of 50°F to 70°F depending on the geographic location. Underground loop system, geothermal heating and cooling systems use the contrast temperature to bring relevant amount of energy for heating or cooling with the help of a condenser which partly uses the technology from the refrigerating systems.


    This exchange energy process is both natural an very effective. The exchange systems are simple in maintenance and highly durable.


    The reason why these systems have not been used very widely was because the drilling technologies could not ensure the effective loops but the modern directional drilling equipment can now do the loops underground very effectively and at a low cost.

    So, simply put the GeoThermal technology expels the heat into the ground during the hot summer days and condenses the heating during the winter.

    Solar addition

    Paired with a solar system, it allows to essentially turn over the whole concept of maintenance of a building be it residential or a commercial one.


    As you may know, solar technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy either through PV (photovoltaic) panels or through mirrors that concentrate solar radiation. This energy can be used to generate electricity or be stored in batteries or thermal storage. A small amount of electricity is all the GeoThermal equipment needs to heat and cool down your home and office.



    Vertical Loops

    We use this зarticular option in the high-density areas of New York City. We use special well drilling bores to achieve small diameter tunnels up to 500' deep. This is a new European technology that allows therefore to limit the quantity of the holes and increases the energy capacity of the project. After the high density GeoThermal pipes are inserted, the borehole(s) are filled with thermally enhanced grout.


    Horizontal Loops

    Horizontal Loops are rare to use in the cities, as they require a substantial land lot to be used for them. Basically, we excavate one or more trenches and install the high density GeoThermal pipes into the trenches. Each trench requires a range of up to 300'.


    Pond Loops

    This technology is used when the property is exposed to a lake or a pond and therefore quite rare, albeit very effective. This is the cheapest alternative of all the four options as the owners avoids the troubles with the excavation or drilling in its entirety. A series of high density GeoThermal pipes are extended and laid on the bottom of the reservoir.


    Open Loops

    We use the Open Loops technology when there is a continuous supply of well water. The technology saves on the depths of the drilling and therefore should be used where appropriate. Note that the Open Loop technology requires the use of the recharge well where the discharge water shall be directed after the energy collection.

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